Sauna 1.0

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new macOS app I’ve been working on for a few weeks. Called Sauna, it’s a lightweight app that displays your Steam friends list and notifies you when a friend comes online. Of course, this is all functionality that the Steam client provides but the goal of Sauna is to be a good macOS citizen and to be extremely lightweight.

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Fetched Results Controller & Diffable Data Source Snapshot Issues

In iOS 13, NSFetchedResultsController gained support for delivering changes to its content as a NSDiffableDataSourceSnapshot via. its delegate. The snapshot contains the contents of the controller and can be used to populate a table or collection view complete with animations for content updates.

Unfortunately the API has a few issues. The way it’s bridged from Objective-C to Swift makes using it a bit confusing and it doesn’t match all the functionality of the older delegate methods. In this post I’ll document a couple of the issues I’ve run into and how I’ve worked around them.

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Normal Screensaver

I published a new project on GitHub today. It’s a screensaver for macOS called Normal. It simply applies a Gaussian blur to the contents of the screen. I wrote it a year ago when I was procrastinating from my dissertation. Go ahead and check it out on GitHub.

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A Banner View for iOS 11+

I needed a way to present non-modal alerts inside an app I’m working on and wanted to use a banner system that’s a bit like what Tweetbot1 does. I ended up writing a UIView subclass called BannerView that I’ve open sourced for anybody to use.

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How a Core Data Attribute's Name Can Lead to Crashes

TL;DR: You can’t name a Core Data attribute new* in Objective-C or Swift because of how automatic reference counting interacts with manual reference counting. If you do, you’ll crash unreliably when your Core Data stack is deallocated.

I’ve spent the better part of a day trying to fix this hard to track down bug in my Core Data stack that was causing a crash. The crash was introduced when I added a new entity to my object model. The NSManagedObject subclass looked a little like this:

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