Sauna 1.0

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new macOS app I’ve been working on for a few weeks. Called Sauna, it’s a lightweight app that displays your Steam friends list and notifies you when a friend comes online. Of course, this is all functionality that the Steam client provides but the goal of Sauna is to be a good macOS citizen and to be extremely lightweight.

Sauna regularly updates your friends list throughout the day and notifies you when a friend comes online or starts playing a new game. It’s focused on doing just this one thing.

Sauna is useful for those of us who game in Boot Camp or have a dedicated PC for playing games. With Sauna you can check in on your friends without rebooting your Mac or booting your PC.

You can download the first release of Sauna from the project’s GitHub page. It requires macOS 10.15 or later. You’ll need a Steam API key to use it which you can get by filling in this form on Steam’s website.