May 2018

Normal Screensaver

December 2017

A Banner View for iOS 11+

November 2017

How a Core Data Attribute's Name Can Lead to Crashes

September 2017

Core Data Property-Level Model Validation in Swift 4

July 2017

Strongly Typed Notifications in Swift

March 2017

Fixing MATLAB on Fedora

July 2016

Integrating Receipts with ledger-mode

October 2015

Using Ledger With an Encrypted Journal

July 2015

Spotijack 0.6 Released

January 2015

Always Switch Sockets off Before Plugging in

September 2014

julius 0.2.0 Released

New Design, New Tools, New Everything

April 2014

Restoring the Network Manager Applet After Upgrading to Lubuntu 14.04

March 2014

Some .sexy New TLDs

February 2014

Nginx—Surprisingly Easy

January 2014

Redesigning Geography AS Notes

December 2013

Project Updates

August 2013

Review - Tomb Raider

March 2013

SymSteam Beta 2.1 Released

February 2013

S3 Deployment Script Mk 2

January 2013

Deploying This Jekyll Site to S3

December 2012

SymSteam Beta 2 Released

Fixing Slow Wireless Speeds in Ubuntu 12.10

June 2012

Recent Projects

Thoughts on WWDC 2012

April 2012

SymSteam Beta 1 Released

February 2012

SymSteam 0.1.5 Released

Moving from 1Password To LastPass to 1Password Again