Appcastr 0.1.1

A utility for Mac developers that helps with creating appcast files. It’s a little bit faster than writing XML in your text editor and probably less frustrating (Emacs doesn’t count).

Geography AS Notes 

A revision website for Geography students in the UK. It uses Jekyll, SASS, CoffeeScript, SVG and some other cool things. It also contains quite a lot of Geography.

julius 0.2.0

A command line tool for encrypting, decrypting and brute-forcing text using the Caesar cipher. It’s fast, written in Go and supports IO redirections.

Memtester 1.0

A fun little memory testing game for the Mac. Remember an increasingly complex sequence of letters, numbers and symbols. Includes amazing features such as a high score system!

Sauna 1.0

A lightweight macOS app that displays your Steam friends list and notifies you when a friend comes online.

SimpleCalc 3.3.3

The first program I ever wrote, SimpleCalc is a form based calculator that can carry out basic arithmetic, calculate averages, solve quadratic equations and perform unit conversions.

Spotijack 0.6.0

A Mac utility for recording music from Spotify with Audio Hijack Pro. It’s a bit like attaching a smart tape recorder to your radio.

SymSteam Beta 2.1

A lightweight utility for Mac gamers that makes playing Steam games off of an external drive easier. It’s pretty much redundant now that Steam supports multiple libraries.